Indianapolis & Depauw Engagement | Ben & Amanda

Ben & Amanda

White River Gardens & Depauw University

Geist Park Engagement | Brian & Jennifer

Brian & Jennifer

Summer 2017 Engagement

White River Gardens | Mark & Audrey

Mark & Audrey

Ceremony: White River Gardens

The Barn at Kennedy Farm | David & Candice

David & Candice

Ceremony: The Barn at Kennedy Farm

Pipers at the Marott | Dan & Lyssa

Dan & Lyssa

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
Reception: Pipers at the Marott

Indianapolis Central Library Wedding | Kevin & Chrissy

Kevin & Chrissy

Ceremony: Indianapolis Central Library
Reception: Marten House Hotel

Winter Wedding | Ben & Regan

Ben & Regan

Ceremony: Holy Spirit at Geist Catholic Church
Reception: The Skyline Club
Entertainment: Mark Beecher

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Geist Engagement | Ben & Regan

Ben & Regan

Geist Reservoir

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Bloomington Fall Engagement | Travis & Rachel

Travis & Rachel

Downtown Indianapolis & Bloomington

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French Lick Indiana Wedding | Ryan & Lindsay

Ryan & Lindsay

Ceremony & Reception: French Lick Resort

 aryanlindsaysp-1223 aryanlindsaysp-1224 aryanlindsaysp-1225 aryanlindsaysp-1226 aryanlindsaysp-1227 aryanlindsaysp-1228 aryanlindsaysp-1229 aryanlindsaysp-1230 aryanlindsaysp-1231 aryanlindsaysp-1232 aryanlindsaysp-1233 aryanlindsaysp-1234 aryanlindsaysp-1235 aryanlindsaysp-1236 aryanlindsaysp-1237 aryanlindsaysp-1238 aryanlindsaysp-1239 aryanlindsaysp-1240

Fort Benjamin Harrrison State Park Engagement | Dan & Lyssa

Dan & Lyssa

Fort Benjamin State Park

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Purdue University Wedding | Ricky & Jennifer

Ricky & Jennifer

Ceremony & Reception: Purdue Memorial Union

arickyandjen-1000 arickyandjen-1001 arickyandjen-1002 arickyandjen-1003 arickyandjen-1004 arickyandjen-1005 arickyandjen-1006 arickyandjen-1007 arickyandjen-1008 arickyandjen-1009 arickyandjen-1010 arickyandjen-1011 arickyandjen-1012

Fountain Square Theatre Wedding | Michael & Brittany

Michael & Brittany

Ceremony: St Simon
Reception: Fountain Square Theatre

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Roachdale, Indiana Wedding | Jerrett & Cassie

Cassie & Jerrett

Ceremony: Private Estate, Roachdale, IN
Reception: The Barn of Coatesville

acassieandjerrett-1000 acassieandjerrett-1001 acassieandjerrett-1002 acassieandjerrett-1003 acassieandjerrett-1004 acassieandjerrett-1005 acassieandjerrett-1006 acassieandjerrett-1007 acassieandjerrett-1008 acassieandjerrett-1009 acassieandjerrett-1010 acassieandjerrett-1011 acassieandjerrett-1012 acassieandjerrett-1013

Skyline Club Indianapolis Wedding | Jeremy & Samantha

Jeremy & Samantha

Ceremony: St John Catholic Church
Reception: Skyline Club

 aJeremyandSam 1000 aJeremyandSam 1001 aJeremyandSam 1002 aJeremyandSam 1003 aJeremyandSam 1004 aJeremyandSam 1005 veterans park indianapolis bride and groom pictures aJeremyandSam 1007 aJeremyandSam 1008 aJeremyandSam 1009 aJeremyandSam 1010 aJeremyandSam 1011 aJeremyandSam 1012 aJeremyandSam 1013 aJeremyandSam 1014 skyline club wedding pictures skyline club wedding dance pictures aJeremyandSam 1017 bride and groom dancing with parents aJeremyandSam 1019 skyline club wedding reception pictures

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Wedding | Tim & Amanda

Indianapolis Central Library Wedding | Drew & Ally

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Wedding | Matt & Katherine

Matt & Katherine

Ceremony & Reception: Crowne Plaza Union Station Indianapolis

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Crowne Plaza Union Station Indianapolis Wedding | Dan & Sara

Purdue University Wedding | Stephen & Kelsey

Stephen & Kelsey

Ceremony: Grace Church 
Reception: Purdue University Memorial Union
Wedding Planner: Indy Gigz, LLC
Makeup: MoMichelle, LLC
Entertainment: Epicenter Entertainment

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Simmons Winery Wedding | Ben & Mallory

Ben & Mallory

Ceremony & Reception: Simmons Winery

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Downtown Indianapolis Engagement | Vincent & Megan

Vincent & Megan

Summer Engagement
Downtown Indianapolis

Indiana State Museum Engagement Pictures Indiana State Museum Engagement Pictures Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Pictures Indiana State Museum Engagement Pictures Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Pictures Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Pictures Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Pictures

DePauw University Engagement Photography | Tim & Amanda

Tim & Amanda

Spring Engagement
Depauw University

DePauw University Engagement Photography DePauw University Engagement PhotographyDePauw University Engagement Photography DePauw University Engagement PicturesDePauw University Engagement PhotographyDePauw University Engagement PicturesDePauw University Engagement PicturesDePauw University Engagement Photography

St Joan of Arc Wedding | Sam & Caty

Sam and Caty

Ceremony: St Joan of Arc
Reception: The Columns

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Indianapolis Central Library Wedding | Katie & Hezekiah

Winter Engagement Session Indianapolis | Jennifer & Ricky

Ricky & Jennifer

Winter Engagement
Indianapolis, IN

JenniferandRicky001 JenniferandRicky002 JenniferandRicky003 JenniferandRicky004 JenniferandRicky005 JenniferandRicky006 JenniferandRicky007 JenniferandRicky008 JenniferandRicky009

Indianapolis Engagement | Jeremy & Samantha

Jeremy & Samantha

Indianapolis, IN

Stroebel 0010 Stroebel 0009 Stroebel 0008 Stroebel 0007 Stroebel 0006 Stroebel 0005 Stroebel 0004 Stroebel 0003 Stroebel 0002 Stroebel 0001

Indianapolis Engagement | Matt & Katherine

Matt & Katherine

Indianapolis, IN

MattandKatherine001 MattandKatherine002 MattandKatherine003 MattandKatherine004 MattandKatherine005 MattandKatherine006 MattandKatherine007 MattandKatherine008 MattandKatherine009 MattandKatherine010 MattandKatherine011 MattandKatherine012 MattandKatherine013

Scottish Rite Cathedral Wedding | Andrew & Christy

Andrew & Christy

Ceremony: IHM
Reception: Scottish Rite Cathedral
Coordination: JDWC
Photography: BJLRphotography
Hair & Makeup: French Pharmacie
Videography: Unique Heart Productions
Entertainment: The Leonard Brothers
Catering: Thomas Caterers of Distinction

aAndrewandChristy 0001 aAndrewandChristy 0002 aAndrewandChristy 0003 aAndrewandChristy 0004 aAndrewandChristy 0005 aAndrewandChristy 0006 aAndrewandChristy 0007 aAndrewandChristy 0008 aAndrewandChristy 0009 aAndrewandChristy 0010 aAndrewandChristy 0011 aAndrewandChristy 0012 aAndrewandChristy 0013 aAndrewandChristy 0014 aAndrewandChristy 0015 aAndrewandChristy 0016 aAndrewandChristy 0017 aAndrewandChristy 0018 aAndrewandChristy 0019 aAndrewandChristy 0020 aAndrewandChristy 0021 aAndrewandChristy 0022 aAndrewandChristy 0023 aAndrewandChristy 0024 aAndrewandChristy 0025 aAndrewandChristy 0026 aAndrewandChristy 0027 aAndrewandChristy 0028 aAndrewandChristy 0029 aAndrewandChristy 0030 aAndrewandChristy 0031

Autumn Engagement | Drew & Ally

Drew & Ally

Indianapolis, IN

aAllyandDrew 0001 aAllyandDrew 0002 aAllyandDrew 0003 aAllyandDrew 0004 aAllyandDrew 0005 aAllyandDrew 0006 aAllyandDrew 0007 aAllyandDrew 0008

Indianapolis Museum of Art Wedding | Josh & Courtney

Canal 337 Indianapolis Wedding | John & Rebecca

John & Rebecca

Ceremony & Reception: Canal 337
Hair & Makeup: La Dolce Salon
Photography: BJLRphotography
Entertainment: Scott Stars
Catering: Thomas Caterers
Floral: Jeni Banker

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Columbus, IN Engagement | Mallory & Ben

Mallory & Ben

Columbus, IN

MalloryandBen 001 MalloryandBen 002 MalloryandBen 003 MalloryandBen 004 MalloryandBen 005 MalloryandBen 006 MalloryandBen 007 MalloryandBen 008

St Pius and Northside Knights of Columbus Wedding | Patrick & Catherine

Patrick & Katherine

Ceremony: St Pius
Reception: Northside Knights of Columbus
Hair & Makeup: French Pharmacie
Photography: BJLRphotography

apatandcath 001 apatandcath 002 apatandcath 003 apatandcath 004